A note on new sources

Just a quick note on new sources and materials I have come across that will be reflected in upcoming postings to the website:
– Vol 5 of Sergiev’s Bulgarian Championships (1967-1973) fills in some missing Minev games from those years.
– A new Bulgarian title by Parva covering the history of the Bulgarian Team Championships. This has both new Minev games missing from my collection, and also crosstables of the tournament standings. I will be posting these in upcoming weeks.
– Some new Minev games received from Andy Ansel. The total collection now is at 1200 games. The list on the website will be refreshed.
– Adding a number of new crosstables (100+) from 1920-1950 from material that I have received permission to use (from C. Sericano’s website files). This should fill in a number of international and national events currently missing from those years. (He also has other files from other years that I will add after completing the 1920-1950 period).
– Several new Minev books are being worked on, including a couple of new titles in the “Fifty Great Short Games” series.

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