History of Bulgarian Team Championships

In the last blog note I mentioned additional sources I had recently come across that were the focus of new work. This post is to say a little more about one of them.

The Bulgarian Chess Federation website (www.chessbg.com) is where I found a new book in the “Bulgarian Chess Archives” series. This series also features the 5 volume (and growing) set on the Bulgarian Championships. But the new title I was excited to find is:

Team Championships 1931-1981
Edited by Stefan Sergiev
ISBN 978-954-9541-68-1

The book contains team crosstables for most of the Team Championship events in the period, some background information on the event, and a sampling of individual game scores for each. The number of games varies, but for example, the chapter on the 1964 championship contains the scores of about 60 games. Overall, the book has 961 games.

I already had posted a few of the events on my website, but this will greatly expand the coverage with additional information that was unavailable to me before. I am currently in the process of creating the team crosstables in my standard format. I will also be correcting some cases of crosstables that I previously had posted (but now have better information).

So look for this to be announced in the What’s New section on the homepage within a week or so!

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