Prize Winning Games (cont’d)

Since my most recent post, I have started to cross check the games in Shakhmatny Bjulleten against the games in Minev’s file and am finding that it will take me a bit longer than I thought to post the updates. The source info is easy (and almost complete), but additionally (and happily!) I am also finding that the file from Nikolay is missing some of the games from the SB articles, so I will be adding those (MORE GAMES!). The final files will include some games where the score in SB is wrong (illegal moves) and therefore was dropped from Nikolay’s file. Finally, the original articles gave Prize Winning games through 1929 (rather than 1927, as per Nikolay), so I will be adding those games as well.

And one final bit of work: I realized that many of these games (being the best of the best from that time period) will be listed in the appropriate volume of Yearbook of Chess, probably with an indication of what the prize was, and possibly with contemporary annotations. So I plan to add that info too (which will answer my question #3 from the 8/24 posting for at least some of the games).

I hope to post a list of the tournaments that I need help with in the next week or so. These would be tournaments that are NOT listed in YBoC, and where I need someone who has the original tournament bulletin (or a reprint) to send me info.

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer!

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