Coming soon

A few quick updates:
1) I expect to be posting the next installment from Minev (Mini-Lessons from Short Games of the 21st Century) in the next few days
2) I should have more tournament crosstables to post soon (primariy 1920s and 30s – more conversions of the files courtesy of C. Sericano)
3) I have been using a new tool for name standardization on the crosstables. It makes it easier for me to consistently apply the same spelling, as well as to ensure that full names (first + last) are used in most cases. Saves me having to check Gaige for every name in every crosstables. Easier for me = less chance of error = better results posted (and easier searches for player events). A win for all!
4) In between everything else, I’m working on some new Minev manuscripts. Probably still some months away from publication, but more books are coming eventually!

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