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Bulgarian Player Names

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Something I’ve been working on lately is a list compiling all instances of Bulgarian player names that I come across in the various source works used for crosstable updates. I have used Gaige’s Chess Personalia as my standard where possible for spelling and transliteration, but have found that the less well known Bulgarian players are frequently not listed in Gaige. So I started my own list. If there is interest, the list could be posted on my website.

So far the list includes any Bulgarian opponent from a Minev game, all participants in Bulgarian championships through 1988 (including some open championships, some semi-final events, and using Sergiev), all participants in Bulgarian team championships through 1981 (using Parva), some listings from the Bulgarian chess encyclopedia, and some listings from Shakmatna Misl.

New Crosstables Uploaded

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The posting of the Bulgarian Team Championship crosstables (discussed in previous blog postings) was completed today. All available information from the events of 1950 – 1981 (1st championship through 31st championship) are now available on the website.

The crosstables from three events (two held in 1968, one in 1971) have some internal inconsistencies that have not been resolved so far, and so have not been posted. I continue to work with these to see if I can resolve the problems.

Recent Updates

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I recently received an email from Nikolai Brunni of Hawaii. He provided the game score and notes of the one game between Marshall and Pillsbury that was missing from the Minev article. The notes were by Hoffer, as published in The Field. I have updated the .pdf to include that game and those notes. The updated file is posted on the website. Thanks for the help!

I also completed by research in the later years of Northwest Chess Magazine, to find all Minev articles. That list is now complete and posted.

I’m still working to get the Bulgarian Team Championship crosstables (1950-1981) posted and expect to have them available soon.