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Prize Winning Games + source doc scans

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I finally just posted the expanded file of Prize Winning games. The new file follows the original articles in Shakhmatny Bjulleten, with games from tournaments through 1929. The games can be viewed on the website

Scans of the original articles that form the basis for the collection are also posted:
Shakhmatny Bjulleten 1/1968 p.14-19
Shakhmayny Bjulleten 2/1968 p.59-64
Shakhmatny Bjulleten 4/1968 p.122-126

Assistance Requested

Friday, September 11th, 2009

As indicated in recent postings, I am working on adding info to a collection of Prize Winning Games from tournaments from 1876-1929. The collection was originally published in Shakhmatny Bjulleten three issues in 1968. The articles were collected by Nikolay Minev, who added some additional games.

I am seeking the assistance of readers who may be able to provide additional detail, specifically the type of prize that the games received (e.g. Best Game, Best Combination, Best Endgame, 1st Brilliancy Prize, etc – whatever may have been given at the particular tournament). So if any readers have access to the original tournament bulletins (or perhaps other sources) where this information may be found, please email me at with whatever details you can find.

The list of tournaments currently represented in the games collection is:
Philadelphia 1876
London 1886
Frankfurt 1887
Amsterdam 1889
New York 1889
Manchester 1890
Paris 1892
Hastings 1895
Vienna 1896
Nuremberg 1896
Berlin 1897
Vienna 1898
London 1899
Paris 1900
Monte Carlo 1901
Monte Carlo 1902
Hannover 1902
Vienna 1902
Monte Carlo 1903
Vienna 1903
Cambridge Springs 1904
Coburg 1904
Barmen 1905
Ostend 1905
Ostend 1906
Nuremberg 1906
Vienna 1907
Ostend 1907
Carlsbad 1907
“Vienna” 1908
Prague 1908
St. Petersburg 1909
Hamburg 1910
San Sebastian 1911
Carlsbad 1911
Abbazia 1912
Pistyan 1912
Havana 1913
Baden bei Wien 1914
St. Petersburg 1914
Vienna 1914
New York 1916
New York 1918
Berlin 1920
Vienna 1920
Budapest 1921
Pistyan 1922
London 1922
Teplitz-Schonau 1922
Vienna 1922
Vienna 1923
Carlsbad 1923
Maerisch Ostrau 1923
New York 1924
Berlin 1924
Marienbad 1925
Baden Baden 1925
Moscow 1925
Munich 1926
Semmering 1926
Dresden 1926
Berlin 1926
Kecskemet 1927
New York 1927
London 1927
Kissingen 1928
Berlin 1928
Carlsbad 1929
Budapest 1929

Prize Winning Games (cont’d)

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Since my most recent post, I have started to cross check the games in Shakhmatny Bjulleten against the games in Minev’s file and am finding that it will take me a bit longer than I thought to post the updates. The source info is easy (and almost complete), but additionally (and happily!) I am also finding that the file from Nikolay is missing some of the games from the SB articles, so I will be adding those (MORE GAMES!). The final files will include some games where the score in SB is wrong (illegal moves) and therefore was dropped from Nikolay’s file. Finally, the original articles gave Prize Winning games through 1929 (rather than 1927, as per Nikolay), so I will be adding those games as well.

And one final bit of work: I realized that many of these games (being the best of the best from that time period) will be listed in the appropriate volume of Yearbook of Chess, probably with an indication of what the prize was, and possibly with contemporary annotations. So I plan to add that info too (which will answer my question #3 from the 8/24 posting for at least some of the games).

I hope to post a list of the tournaments that I need help with in the next week or so. These would be tournaments that are NOT listed in YBoC, and where I need someone who has the original tournament bulletin (or a reprint) to send me info.

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer!

Found the sources for Prize Winning Games

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

I’m happy to report that I am now able to answer a couple of the questions listed in my last posting! I found the additional issues of Shakhmatny Bjulleten that I somehow missed in my earlier search. So I will very soon be cross-checking the games against the file I posted and updating the source info (including both identification of the games Minev added, as well as the volume, issue and page from SB where the games were originally published).

That will take care of questions 1 and 2. The question to remain (and that I still need help with from someone in possession of the original tournament books) will be #3: what prize did each game receive. I will post the list of tournaments here in the next posting, and would appreciate any help anyone can provide.