Tournament Crosstables
Chess Tournament Crosstables
I have a passion for chess history, particularly chess from the period immediately
following WWII, through about 1980. There is so much information in existence
(in books, magazines, tournament bulletins) and only a fraction is currently
available for easy access and consumption.

The Internet seems like the perfect forum to build the knowledge base that
people everywhere can use.

The tournament crosstables available on this site are gleaned from a variety of
sources. Whenever possible, they are from original source materials (tournament
bulletins, contemporary chess magazines, etc).

Events Prior to 1900

Events 1900 - 1919

Events 1920 - 1924

Events 1925 - 1929

Events 1930 - 1934

Events 1935 - 1939

Events 1940 - 1944

Events 1945 - 1949

Events 1950 - 1954

Events 1955 - 1959

Events 1960 - 1964

Events 1965 - 1969

Events 1970 - 1974

Events 1975 - 1979

Events 1980 and After
A Word on Crosstable Reliability
Its important to me that the information I post here is as accurate and reliable as
I can make it be. Because of this, I intend to post crosstables in a format that
shows the source of the information, whether the information has been verified
from other sources, and the degree of confidence I attach to the information.
Tournaments that have been developed according to this standard are marked in
Bold in the list below.

The degree of confidence varies on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.
(For details of confidence level definitions, sources used, and standards for player
name spelling:
Crosstable Standards)

If you find information posted on my site that you believe is not accurate, please
send me an
email indicating the suspected error and the source that you believe
demonstrates the error.

I appreciate your assistence!
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