Crosstable Standards
Confidence Rating Levels:
The degree of confidence varies on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. My
ratings translate as follows:
  • Level 1 - information is believed to be accurate, but has not yet been
    independently validated
  • Level 2 - information is internally consistent and consistent with other
    available information, but cannot be specifically verified at the detailed level
  • Level 3 - information comes from sources temporally removed from the
    event, secondary sources, or sources that are generally less accurate
  • Level 4 - information comes from one high quality, contemporary source or
    more than one trusted secondary source
  • Level 5 - information comes from two or more high quality sources, such as
    tournament bulletins, contemporary periodicals, etc.
Player Names
I am attempting to be consistent in the spelling of player names, so that searches
return a reliable and complete result. Player name spelling used is based on J.
Gaige's Chess Personalia - A Biobibliography, with the exception that I have
avoided the use of any foreign language characters and diacritical marks. In
cases where Gaige has made use of such a character, I have attempted to be
consistent in applying an English spelling that would be consistent with Gaige's
spelling and in accordance with how users might expect the name to be spelled.

For example:
Samisch (with umlat) in Gaige becomes Saemisch
Grunfeld (with umlat) in Gaige becomes Gruenfeld
Secondary Sources:
The paragraph above mentions "trusted secondary sources" used in validation.
Some of the sources used include:
  • British Chess Federation - Yearbook of Chess (various years)
  • Caparros, Rogelio - The Games of Jose Raul Capablanca
  • Caparros, Rogelio & Lahde, Peter - The Games of Alekhine
  • Chandler, Murray - Tournament Chess (1980-1987)
  • The Chess Player (1971-1977)
  • Crain, Tom - Schlechter's Chess Games
  • Di Felice, Gino - Chess Results, volumes 1-7
  • Donaldson, John & Minev, Nikolay - Akiba Rubinstein, volumes 1-2
  • FIDE - Chess Informant (1965 and after)
  • Gaige, Jeremy - Chess Tournament Crosstables, volumes 1-4
  • Gaige, Jeremy - Chess Tournaments, A Checklist
  • Kazic, B. M. - International Championship Chess
  • Karpov, Anatoly - Shakmati Entsiklopdicheski Slovari
  • Kuiper, Feenstra - Hundert Jahre Schachturniere
  • Kuiper, Feenstra - Hundert Jahre Schachzweikampfe
  • Melton, Rick - The Complete Book of Chess Tournament Crosstables,
    volumes 1-2
  • Micheli, E. A. - The Yearbook of Chess (1907-1918)
  • The New Chess Player (1978-1980)
  • O'Connell, Kevin - Batsford Chess Yearbook (1974-1978)
  • Russian Chess Yearbook - Shakmati and Shakmati Ezhegodnik (1947-1962)
  • Sericano, Claudio - The fine website: La grande storia degli scacchi
  • Sergeant, Philip - A Century of British Chess
  • Soltis, Andrew - Soviet Chess 1917-1991
  • Soltis, Andy & McCormick, Gene - The United States Chess Championship
  • Sunnucks, Anne - The Encyclopedia of Chess
  • Wade, Robert & O'Connell, Kevin - Bobby Fischer's Chess Games