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Recent changes and additions:
  • 10/20/2012 Posted new Minev column (Mini-Lesson 25: Blunders With Two
    Open Files in the Center) and a new article (The English Opening Central
    Gambit A23). One new Minev book (Chigorin-Janowski: Fifty Great Short
    Games) and one re-issued book (Caro-Kann: Fantasy Variation) have also
    been made available at
  • 5/27/2012 Posted a new Minev column (Mini-Lesson 24: French Defense –
    Exchange Variation: The Potential of c2-c4). Also posted 18 new or revised
    crosstables. See today's blog entry for details.
  • 11/12/2011 I have some new Minev articles and columns but will be unable
    to post anything new until late January 2012. Until then, Minev books will
    also no longer be for sale (but they can still be purchased at The Chess
    Library storefront at
  • 9/11/2011 Posted a new Minev column (Mini-Lesson 23: Fresh Mini-Stories
    from 2011).

more change history...
The Chess Library is focused on chess and chess history. The
current major areas of content are:
Historical Tournament Crosstables - results and standings of
tournaments from the 1800s to the 1990s.
The Minev Project - documenting the international career of
International Master Nikolay Minev: games, tournament results,
photos, bibliography and more.
Articles and Research by IM Minev - Openings, research, tactics,
and more.
Books by IM Nikolay Minev - published by The Chess Library and
available to purchase
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