The Publications of Nikolay Minev
Minev Magazine Article Bibliography
Inside Chess
1988/2, p.13-15,30 C59 Two Knights Defense, Steinitz-Fischer Variation
1988/4, p.22-24 C59 Two Knights Defense, Steinitz-Fischer Variation, Part 2
1988/9, p.3-8 The Lost Match: Rubinstein-Marshall, 1908
1988/10, p.20-21 Rediscovering Opening Ideas
1988/17, p.24-25,30 Rediscovering Opening Ideas, Part 2
1989/13-14, p.28-30 Simon Alapin (1856-1923)
1989/15, P.22-28 Caro-Kann: Advance Variation
1989/16, p.24-28 Caro-Kann: Advance Variation, Part 2
1990/2, p.17 Surprising Moves and Ideas
1990/3, p.9 Four Original Mates From the 30's
1990/5, p.6-7 Rook File + Long Diagonal = Classical Mate
1990/6, p.29 That Which is Already Known, Must Be Known!
1990/7, p.27 Imported From Poland
1990/8, p.18-19 A Tactical Bomb in the Center
1990/9, p.19 Object: Two United Passed Pawns
1990/10, p.26-27 Mister Morphy's Mate
1990/11, p.27-28 The Cavalry is Coming!
1990/12, p.22 Shocking Novelties Stir Tactics!
1990/13, p.20-21 New Adventures in the English
1990/14, p.26-27 Lineal Mate Along the Files
1990/15, p.27 Lineal Mate Along the Ranks
1990/16, p.27 Larsen - Before He Was Larsen!
1990/17, p.26-27 The Quiet Point of the Sacrifice of Pursuit
1990/18, p.27-28 A Cocktail of Fresh Opening Disasters
1990/19, p.27-28 A Cocktail of Fresh Opening Disasters, Part 2
1990/20, p.27-28 The Kamikazee Pawn
1990/21, p.27-28 The Kamikazee Pawn, Part 2
1990/22, p.26-27 The King as Survivor
1990/23, p.26-27 The King as Attacker
1990/24, p.26-27 Only Two Minor Pieces for a Queen
1990/25-26, p.38-39 Two Minor Pieces for a Queen, Part 2
1991/1, p.27-28 Olympiada
1991/2, p.28-29 A Time for Trumpets
1991/3, p.28-29 More Olympiada
1991/4, p.28-29 Queens on the Sacrifical Alter
1991/5, p.29-30 Double-Check - Double-Mate!
1991/6, p.29-30 Double-Mate with a Rook (or Queen) and Knight
1991/8, p.28-29 The Unusual Meets the Incredible
1991/10, p.28-29 The Long Dozen
1991/12, p.28-29 Patience and Perserverance Made a Bishop of His Reverence
1991/14, p.28-29 No Fooling with the H-File
1991/16, p.28-29 The Achilles' Heel of the Caro-Kann
1991/18, p.34-35 Two Open Files in the Center
1991/20, p.29-30 Instructuve Moves in Cold Envelopes
1991/22, p.37-38 The Switch Attack
1992/3, p.28-29 When Opening Theory is Silent, Tactics Often Speak!
1992/5, p.29-30 Mate with Two Horsepower
1992/7, p.28-29 Chess B.I.B. (Before the Information Boom)
1992/8, p.28-29 Chess Antiques
1992/13, p.29-30 The Artificial Last Rank
1992/15, p.29-30 The Artificial Last Rank, Part 2
1992/17, p.29-30 The Notorious Neighboring Square
1992/19, p.37-38 Bloody Continuations and a Mysterious Letter
1992/21, p.29-30 Drawing in a Tactical Way
1992/23, p.37-38 A Double-Attack Against Two Rooks
1992/25-26, p.20-21 Recurring Mistakes
1993/2, p.29-30 Opening Accidents
1993/4, p.30-31 Hard-Working Pawns
1993/7, p.27-28 Tactics From Our Mail
1993/8, p.29-30 Respect the Pinned Piece!
1993/10, p.37-38 Tal's Quick Hand
1993/12, p.29-30 One of the Oldest Mating Patterns
1993/14, p.29-30 O-O-O in the QGA
1993/16, p.29-30 In Search of Dynamics
1993/18, p.29-30 Winning with Pinning
1993/20, p.29-30 The Battering Ram
1993/22, p.38-39 A Life Devoted to Tactics
1993/24, p.30-31 Live and Learn
1993/25-26, p.45-46 The Sword of Damocles
1994/2, p.29-30 Fast Food 1993
1994/4, p.30-31 Working on the Chain Gang
1994/7, p.30-31 Tired Queens
1994/9, p.27-28 Sharp Assaults Against the Dutch
1994/11, p.29-30 Seventh Heaven for Rooks
1994/14, p.26-27 1 + 1 = 4!
1994/15, p.26-27 Familiar Tunes
1994/16, p.19-20 Akiba Rubinstein: Uncrowned King (excerpt)
1994/17, p.26-27,30 Digging Into the Most Notorious Bulletin (4 missing games of
1994/18, p.20-23 Vera Menchik: In Her Own Words (translation)
1994/19, p.24-25 Just How Strong Are Two Queens Anyway?
1994/20, p.26-27 Just How Strong Are Two Queens Anyway?, Part 2
1994/22, p.24-26 Sometimes the Chessboard is Too Small
1994/25-26, p.15-17 The 6.Be3 Story
1994/25-26, p.28-31 The Legacy of John Cochrane
1995/2, p.26-27 Olympic Mating Patterns
1995/4, p.29-30 The Catalan Bishop in Action
1995/6, p.28-29 Wing or Center?
1995/8, p.28-29 Hand to Hand Fights in the Pirc Defense
1995/10, p.23-26 Nimzovich Speaks! The Technique of Tournament Play
1995/10, p.28-30 Fantastic Patterns
1995/12, p.28-29 Botvinnik Remembered
1995/13-14, p.41-48 In Search…of Overlooked Ideas: The Sicilian
1995/15, p.28-29 The Bishop and Knight in Concert
1995/17, p.28,30 The Bishop and Knight in Concert, Part 2
1995/20, p.36-38 The Magic in Our Mail
1995/22, p.27-28,30 Unusual Openings, and Beyond!
1995/24, p.28,30 Against Marshall's Attack - Watch Your Step!
1995/25-26, p.34-35 A Thousand Ways to Lose Your Queen
1996/4, p.28-30 Tartakover Remembered
1996/6, p.26-27,29 Celebrities Mated!
1996/8, p.35-36 Attack Along the Last Rank
1996/10, p.28,30 First Casualty Reports
1996/12-13, p.32-33 The Attack and Castling
1996/15, p.26-27 "Fantasy" and Tactics
1996/17, p.29-30 The Blitzkreig Doctrine
1996/19, p.26-27 Lessons From a Classical Game
1996/21, p.34-35 Legall's Legacy
1996/23, p.3-5 Why I Like the Sicilian Defense
1996/25-26, 18-21 Minor Tactics with Major Consequences
1997/1, p.29-30 Awards and Reflections on the Past Year
1997/3, p.14-15 Ill-Fated Decorations
1997/5, p.26-30 Richard Reti in Argentina
1997/7, p.29-30 Profiting from a Temporary Queen Investment
1997/9, p.29-30 The Dynamic Anti-Dutch 2.Nc3
1997/11, p.29-30 Be an Eternal Optomist
1997/13-14, p.26-27 The Case of the Energized Pawn
1997/15, p.29-30 Inspired Readers
1997/17, p.19-21 I Remember Najdorf
1997/19, p.29-30 Opening Accidents 1997
1997/21, p.29-30 Reflections on the Rook and an Open File
1997/23, p.27,29-30 A Pat on the Back for an "Unsound" Opening
1997/25-26, p.32-33 Queens in Action
1998/1, p.32-33 The Dangerous Trio
1998/2, p.30-31,33 Six Recent Romantic Stories
1998/3, p.34-35 The Spirit of the Bayonnet
1998/4, p.4-9 Reflections Before the Sacrificial Alter (translation of Tal)
1998/5, p.34-35 Reflections Before the Sacrificial Alter (translation of Tal), Part 2
1998/6, p.34-37 Reflections Before the Sacrificial Alter (translation of Tal), Part 3
1998/7, p.32-33 A Celebration of "Antiques"
1998/8, p.29-30,62 The Agile Pawn
1998/9, p.30-31 The Agile Pawn, Part 2
1998/10, p.30-32 The Modern Benoni and Castling Long
1998/11, p.26-27,29-31 Farwell to Laszlo Szabo (1917-1998)
1998/12, p.30-31 Quick Mates of 1998
1999/2, p.32-36 Another Great Player Has Left the Stage (on E. Geller)
1999/3, p.49-50 Another Casualty Report on the Opening Disasters of 1998
1999/4, p.25-26 Double Trouble
1999/5, p.25-27 Double Trouble, Part 2
1999/6, p.25-27 Extraordinary Accidents
1999/7, p.29-31 Some Recent Short Stories
1999/8, p.26-27 The Sicilian Wing Gambit a la Spielmann
1999/9 (Sept), p.24-27 Clash of the Titan Tacticians: Janowski vs. Chigorin
1999/9 (Oct), p.29-32 Clash of the Titan Tacticians: Janowski vs. Chigorin, Part 2
1999/11, p.25-27 US Open: Tactics and Novelties
2000/1, p.25-27 The Deadly Minor Trio