The Publications of Nikolay Minev
Minev Magazine Article Bibliography
Northwest Chess
1983/11, p.243 My Best Ending from the Oregon Open (Minev-Wood)
1983/12, p.273 Behind Two Grandmasters' Suggestions (Sicilian Scheveningen)
1984/1,  p.10 American Open (McCambridge-Minev)
1984/2,  p.31 American Open (Savereide-Minev, Duckworth-Minev)
1984/5,  p.105 Nikolay Minev/National Open (Hamblin-Minev)
1984/6,  p.129 Minev Endgame (Minev-Honfi)
1984/10, p.218-219 Funny Games
1986/2,  p.26 Minev and Heywood
1987/12, p.211 "I Need Your Support" (1st editorial as NWC editor)
            p.216-217 Improve Your Practical Abilities (IYPA):
            A Pawn Close to the Last Rank is Loaded with Energy
1988/1,  p.8-9 IYPA: The Right Move at the Right Time!
           p.11 Touching on Opening Theory: The Two Year Hunt for Pupols'
 Amazing Surprise
           p.12-13 Club 21 (Short Games)
1988/2,  p. 24-25 IYPA: Lessons From Your Games
           p. 27 Club 21
1988/3,  p.40-41 IYPA: Learn the Tactical Tricks!
           p.44-45 Club 21
1988/4,  p.64-65 IYPA: The Most Famous "Typical" Sacrifice
           p.67 Club 21
1988/5,  p.93 Club 21
1988/6,  p.106-107 IYPA: Diabolic Moves
           p.108-109 Club 21
1988/7,  p.120-121 IYPA: The Wonderland of a Mate with "Two Horse Power"
           p.124-125 Club 21
1988/8,  p.140-141 IYPA: The Wonderland of a Mate... (Part 2)
           p. 143 Club 21
1988/9,  p.160-161 IYPA: The Queens Sacrifice - A Dream of Every Player
           p.164 Club 21
1988/10, p.178 IYPA: The Queens Sacrifice... (Part 2)
1988/11, p.192 IYPA: The Queens Sacrifice... (Part 3)
            p.193 Club 21
(With the 12th issue of 1988, the editorship of Northwest Chess passed to Jim
Blackwood, and there are no further Minev articles for several years)
2008/1,  p.19-21 The Queen's "Magnificent Seven"
2008/5,  p.13, 27-29 "Vera Menchik Club" and Beyond
2008/9,  p.16-17 Two Years Without David Bronstein