The Career of Nikolay Minev
The Minev Project
A special interest of mine has been to assemble information on the tournaments
and games of International Master Nikolay Minev. Admittedly, this is a personal
interest due to my nearly 20 year association with him (mostly as a student), but
hopefully there are others who will find the material interesting or useful.

My goal has been to assemble as complete a record as possible, with all
tournament results and every published game. The work continues...

NOTE ON GAME FILES: The links listed below (to Best Games and All Known
Games) are viewable in a web browser for most users. System requirements are:
  • Browswer must support Java 1.1 (Java scripting enabled)
  • Explorer 4.x and higher, and Netscape 4.06 and higher

The game viewing software is graciously provided courtesy of MyChessViewer by
Michael Keating. See his web site at:

Minev Bio
Bibliography of Books & Articles
Tournament Record
Game Scores
Photo Gallery
Games Sought (Missing from my collection)
My Interview with Nikolay Minev (link to external website)
Bulgarian Telegraph Simul 1966
Minev in Novi Sad 1972