Articles by Nikolay Minev
Materials & On-going Research
Even though retired, Nikolay contines to work on various chess writing and
research projects. The materials listed below are items that he has provided for
posting. In some cases, he requests the assistance of any visitors who may have
information that he is seeking.

If you are able to contribute information to his work, please
contact me.
An Appreciation of GM Bronstein
Games of Tal
       G/15 Games
       G/5 Games
Marshall vs Pillsbury
New & Forgotten Openings
Prize Winning Games: 1876 - 1929 The best of the old
tournaments (see 8/24/09 blog entry for additional notes)
       Source documents:
       Shakhmatny Bjulleten 1/1968 p.14-19
       Shakhmatny Bjulleten 2/1968 p.59-64
       Shakhmatny Bjulleten 4/1968 p.122-126
A Rare Double Gambit
The Rarest Sacrifice in the Opening: Rxf2
Short Matches of the 20th Century (4 games or less)
Some interesting endings:
       Dec 2007 file
       Rook vs 5 Pawns
The Surprising Sacrifice: Bg6!!
Vera Menchik and the advance of women's chess

A NEW regular column by IM Nikolay Minev:
Mini-Lessons from Short Games of the 21st Century
Lesson 1: Exciting Short Stories from the Olympiads
Lesson 2: The Intermediate Move
Lesson 3: Modern Trends in the Slav Defense
Lesson 4: Double Attack with a Rook
Lesson 5: The Most Common Mistake in the Opening
Lesson 6: The Always Exciting KID (King's Indian Defense)
Lesson 7:  Triumphs and Disasters Among the Eiite
Lesson 8: The French Defense Rubinstein Var. is in Trouble
Lesson 9: Recipe for a Quick Catastrophe
Lesson10: The King's Gambit Today
Lesson 11: Entertaining and Instructive Blitz Games from the
World Blitz Championship
Lesson 12: Center Counter: The Retreat 3…Qd6 is Barely
Lesson 13: Dutch Defense Under Pressure
Lesson 14: Opening Up Pandora's Box: ECO A40
Lesson 15: Unique and Instructive Draws
Lesson 16: Some Instructive Short Stories from the 38th
Lesson 17: The Pirc Defense: Under Direct Attack
Lesson 18: New Exciting "Short Stories" Among the Elite
Lesson 19: The Always Exciting Queen Sacrifice
Lesson 20: The New Face of the Four Knights
Lesson 21: Nostalgia
Lesson 22: New Adventures in the English Opening
Lesson 23: Fresh Mini-Stories from 2011
Lesson 24: French Defense – Exchange Variation: The
Potential of c2-c4
Lesson 25: Blunders WithTwo Open Files in the Center

From the Research Archives of IM Nikolay Minev:
(Work in progress, offered as a start to anyone who in interested in a topic and would like to carry on)
A Bayonet Against the Gruenfeld Defense (4.g4!?)
The Rare Rxf7 Sacrifice in the Opening
King's Indian Defense: Counterplay with h7-h5
Dream Match: Lasker vs. Pillsbury
English Opening Central Gambit A23